Baltic States Visit 2016

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia: 19-28 August

Baltic States Choir 2016 - 1.JPG

Sixty seven people travelled in all and for the first three nights we stayed in Vilnius with a concert on Sunday, 21 August. The party then moved on to Riga for another three nights with a concert in St Saviour's Anglican Church in the city on Wednesday evening, 24 August. The last three days of the tour was spent in Tallinn where as well as visiting places of interest the choir took part in a concert at Mustpaeda Maja (The Hall of the Black Heads) in the city centre on Saturday, 27 August. 

All three concerts took place in front of appreciative audiences and the WAMC choir was in fine voice throughout with Alwyn Humpheys providing humorous interludes when not conducting. His wife, Joy, was as professional as always with her musical accompaniment and her support for our excellent soloist, Ellen Williams, should not go unrecorded.

On reflection, the tour to the Baltic States created fond memories for all and provided everyone with an opportunity to make new friends and to renew old acquaintances.