Who we are

In 1962, a group of 26 choirs formed an association to collectively address the needs of Male Choirs.

Since its formation, the Association has increased in numbers and experience, which has made it a much more professional body and better equipped to fulfill its aims and objectives.
The aims and objectives are:
1) To bring together all Welsh Choirs under one umbrella and to assist them on any query or problem that could arise.  In this respect, the services of an Honorary Solicitor are available.
2) To foster and promote the art of Male Voice choral music and Welsh choral works.
3) To liaise with Educational Institutions and Cultural Societies for the practice and study of the performance of Male Choral work worldwide.

By today the Association has 97 members including 11 members from elsewhere in the UK, 1 in the Channel Islands and 5 overseas members.

A list of the current members and the choir websites is available HERE

      Richards Howells - Chairman (2018-2021)

      Richards Howells - Chairman (2018-2021)

Being mindful of the competitive spirit within many choirs, the Association has promoted many competitions for male choirs and it has also liaised with promoters of eisteddfodau and other music festivals to this end.
The Association has arranged several massed Male Voice Festivals which have been held at the International Arena, Cardiff in Bristol, Swansea and Bournemouth.  The Association has also arranged massed Male Voice Festivals at the Royal Albert Hall, London since 1978 and at the St David’s Hall, Cardiff, some jointly with the North Wales Association of Male Choirs.  These festivals have been held to provide a live demonstration of how member choirs can co-operate and combine in a common effort for the overall enjoyment of the listening public.  

Seminars can be organised on demand to cover various topics of interest for members and attempts are made to foster the work of new music for Male Choirs.  There is co-operation between the Association regarding choral competitions.  A cup is presented annually by the Association to the winning male choir at the Eisteddfod’s Choral Competition. It has been noticed that some choirs have been attracting younger men into their ranks, and, hopefully, as the 21st Century progresses, we hope they continue to do so and keep alive the tradition of Welsh Male Choral singing for many years to come.

If you are interested in joining a male choir please contact us from HERE

To enable members of smaller choirs to go on tour, it was decided to arrange visits abroad under the name of the Associaiton for choirs who would not normally be able to do so. The first of these tours took place in 2002 to South Africa.  It was arranged, not only because it was the 40th Anniversary Year of the Association, but also to coincide with the Wales National Rugby team tour of South Africa. As well as singing on the pitch at Bloemfontein and Cape Town, concerts were given at Durban, Beaufort West and Cape Town. As this tour was so successful, it was decided to arrange a tour to New Zealand and Australia in 2004, where concerts were given in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in New Zealand and Wollongong and Canberra in Australia.  

Following the success of these tours, further tours were arranged to China and Hong Kong in 2006, to Patagonia in 2007 and South Africa in 2009 to coincide with the tour of the British Lions.

In 2012, as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations, a tour of Russia was arranged by the Association which turned out to be highly successful. The next tour was in 2014, which saw the Association perform in Ljubljana, Vienna and Krakow.

(l-r) Richard Williams (Chairman 2015) with Prof. John Masters and Huw Tregelles Williams (President)

(l-r) Richard Williams (Chairman 2015) with Prof. John Masters and Huw Tregelles Williams (President)

A Festival of Massed Male Choirs was held in the Royal Albert Hall, London in May 2015 and that was followed by an enjoyable tour to the Baltic States in August 2016.

A collection at the Royal Albert Hall concert in 2015 raised £6,500 for Cancer Research.

The collection in the 2018 was donated to Prostate Cymru.

The Association also arranges a annual competition for young musicians, such as accompanist, conductors and soloists, nominated by member choirs.

‘The Geraint Morris Memorial Award’ for soloists is in memory of Geraint Morris, a long standing faithful member of the Executive Committee and a former chairman, whose idea it was initially to create the competition. In 2017, the Association approved the 'J Layton Watkins Memorial Award' for accompanists and/or conductors. 

Both competitions carry a £1,000 prize.

Further information about the competitions is available HERE